Research / Development

The application program provides automatic weight checking as well as the evaluation of Becquerel values from two radioactivity sensors. Product master data incl. the permissible weight tolerances and Becquerel values are read in via TCP/IP in CSV format from an external PC and saved in the terminal.

The user selects a product from the master data memory in the terminal and then starts the checking process. The check weigher belt starts automatically, the product being checked is stopped on the check weigher and the required measurement values saved. The measurement time required for the Becquerel values can be individually adjusted and

determines the dwell time of the product on the weighing belt. Insofar as the product weight and/or the Becquerel values lie outside the permissible tolerance, one or more alarm outputs will be switched depending on results. These outputs can be used for acoustic and/or visible indication of the tolerance alarm.

Products within the permissible tolerances will be discharged after the checking of the check weigher and the system is then ready for the next check. All measured values are saved in the terminal and after the process is complete automatically sent to an external PC in CSV format via the network and prepared for further processing.

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