Charge Weighing

The program provides menu-driven multiple batch weighing with simultaneous plus-minus checking. After entering various parameters such as article no., target weight quantities per batch and the number of identical batch quantities, the weighing process repeats itself n-times. After each individual weighing process where there was no tolerance infringement, the operator can initiate a customer-specific printout at the push of a button. The type of plus-minus checking can be stipulated in the configuration menu.

There are three variants available. With the selection of the limit value table, the limits set are applied as per target weigh value. However, this is also independent of the selected article. Throughout the complete process, the operating personnel can read off the number of already completed batches and the batches still waiting to be weighed, in the display. There is also a display of the current weight value on a remote display in parallel eith the display of the CombicsPro.

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