We conceive, design and manufacture classification systems in accordance with your process requirements.

Product description

The KSL-001 system is used for classification tasks where the products are to be sub-divided into different weight classes. The complete system formed here is able to classify up to 120 products per minute (split into 4 lanes with 30 products each) with an accuracy of +/- 0.05g and to sort the products in accordance with this classification.

The output of the classified products is implemented via a conveyor belt, but can also be output in cassettes for simple removal.

All functions, such as product data acquisition or the display of process-relevant information, is implemented via a central user interface.

In addition there are I/O signals available in order to integrate upstream or downstream machines and transport devices into the classification process.

The product handling is implemented with pneumatically driven vacuum technology and is particularly well suited to flat and smooth products. By using other technologies, products with a great variety of different geometries can also be reliably weighed, classified and sorted.


  • Modular system for simple adaptation to the classification process
  • Simple integration into the quality assurance process
  • Parallel processing of multiple lanes
  • High classification accuracy through use of precision weighing technology
  • Reliable sorting of classified products

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