The series RBP sorting stations are the ideal expansion for a dynamic check weigher or an automated system. Simple connection, robust construction and the use of high quality components ensures that all products are reliably sorted to the correct destinations.

Product description

The RBP series compressed air driven sorting stations are typically installed in conjunction with a dynamic check weigher within a production line and serve to remove products with the incorrect weight, such as:

  • Open or closed cartons
  • Tubular bags
  • Newspapers

The special design of the station enables in particular the secure removal of extremely flat or unstable products such as newspapers. In contrast to the conventional sorting devices with pushers, incorrect sorting through the product “overflowing” is impossible with the RBP stations.
The series RBP sorting stations receive a signal to activate the pneumatic pushing device from an upstream controller or a dynamic check weigher. The pushing movement of the so-called pusher plate removes the product gently.


  • Reliable sorting, even with extremely flat products
  • Round belt drive technology for noise reduction
  • Integrated maintenance unit for pneumatic connection
  • Aluminium profile frame for flexible adaptation
  • No loss of space due to narrow construction
  • Carbon fibre reinforced electrically conductive ball bearings
  • Double ejection for classification tasks in the line
  • Can be arbitrarily cascaded for comprehensive sorting tasks
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