This application program provides the counting process for the order picking of customer orders. A customer order always contains an identical product. The target quantity for a customer order can be processed in partial quantities. At the start of a counting process the time ticket (‘clock-card’) ID number will first be read with a scanner and then the target quantity to be weighed.

After the selection of the display mode (kg or units) the system will automatically move to reference determination. After manual reference determination, tare stipulation (reference scales), the actual weighing/counting process is implemented. In doing so the products are laid on the quantity scales in accordance with their target sizes (e.g. carton or packaging unit) and accepted into the totals memory upon achieving this with the totalling button [Sum+]. A corresponding telegram is automatically sent via the network to a PC and accepted there by the AutoMatic CODA program.

This process repeats until the final order quantity is reached. If the total order has to be processed in partial quantities then the current order can be “parked” at any time for later continuation. With renewed scanning of this time ticket ID number, the “parked” data for this order will be presented for further processing (remaining target quantity).

The process data for the completed order picking is likewise transmitted via the network to the CODA program and saved there. Process data filtered in the CODA program can also be saved in csv format via freely definable selections.

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