The dynamic check weigher AM3 is optimised for the 100% checking of medium-sized products (cartons, bags, boxes). Alongside the weight checking the modular design of the system enables the integration of additional sensors for the enhancement of the product inspection.

Product description

With the dynamic check weigher AM3 you have made the right choice for the checking of products up to 10,000g. Alongside the check for completeness and the correct weight of your products, the filling machines can also be checked and controlled by the check weighers from AutoMatic, so that your production is guaranteed to achieve the required quality and uniformity. The production data can be transferred via network or Fieldbus to your production control system and made available for further work and processing, as well as for logging purposes – not just with the calibratable version.

Typical applications

  • Completeness checking for products up to 10,000g
  • Integrated functions specially for the foodstuffs industry
  • Monitoring and checking of filling and packaging machines


  • Checking and controlling of filling machines
  • Simplest operation with colour display and softkeys
  • Comprehensive software library for a great variety of different applications
  • Calibratable
  • Process integration via variety of interfaces
  • Logging and/or archiving of the process data via the network

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