Transportation at the highest level

Each product and every process requires a suitable transport system. Regardless of whether this is to be implemented with conveyor belts, chain link belts or roller conveyors, AutoMatic offer the ideal means of transport for your process. Your process decides whether powered systems are used or gravity driven systems with manual processing areas. To avoid sloping positions with small product formats, we recommend the use of our toothed transport systems, designed with bandlet belts and chain links.



For the transport of a great variety of products we can supply:

  • Accumulation roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Powered roller conveyors
  • Gravity-driven roller conveyors
  • Curve conveyors
  • Incline belts
  • Apron conveyors
  • Turning devices
  • Corner turning stations
  • Side-guide belts
  • Apportioning augers
  • Cycle belts
  • Apportioning controllers

Depending on the application and requirements, we design and construct the ideal transport system from this range. The dimensions of the individual transport elements

are adapted to suit the respective requirements. We currently realise transport widths from 100mm to 1500mm and transport lengths from 100mm to 50m.
With the development and the design of the transport systems as well as with the selection of the elements used, we place particular emphasis on the systems being as maintenance-free as possible and as low-wear as possible. In many cases, our low-noise transportation technology can be used in peaceful environments. So, for example, with long transport paths, our powered roller conveyors can also be used in the immediate vicinity of office desks. The noise development with a length of more than 15m for example is max. 68dBm.

For automatic operation, the control and checking of the transport technology as well as for the monitoring of the transported objects, we offer the corresponding control systems, on a PLC or PC basis. These systems can be integrated into the higher level control systems via the common Fieldbus network.

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