Hand Compostition

Manual recipe program with article and recipe database. After each weighed article (raw material) and manually accepted weight value, a label with defined content is printed out. The print-out can be implemented automatically or can be manually initiated. After the processing of a recipe, a batch log is automatically printed out on a DIN A4 printer. In addition there is also a facility to change article batch within the article weighing process. In doing so the weight values determined are assigned to the corresponding batch numbers and documented. Furthermore, “Manual additions” can be processed within the recipe without weight determination. Weight values can be manually entered via the keyboard or can be accepted with the default value “0”.

Handrezeptur Manually entered weight values that infringe the tolerances are registered and documented. As an option the “CODA” PC software can be employed for data backup and as a communication module. This software receives process-relevant data via TCP/IP, saves this automatically and then provides this in csv format. As a Windows application, this software is compatible with all printers known to be usable with Windows.

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