Continuous optimisation within the manufacturing process leads to a constant increase in production through-put quantities. The SSL-001 sorting station was specially developed for the rapid sorting of products, to meet this challenge. High quality components ensure smooth operation and prevent the sorting or classification process becoming a bottleneck.

Product description

The SSL-001 compressed air driven multiple sorting stations are always used where the sorting or classification process must be implemented at extremely high speeds. In contrast to the conventional sorting devices (one-way stroke cycle), the sorting speed can be increased by up to 100%. The sorting station is installed in conjunction with a control process (gravimetric / visual) within a production line and serves to remove faulty products or to classify products, such as:

  • Open or closed cartons
  • Tubular bags
  • Newspapers

The special design of the station enables in particular the secure removal of extremely flat or unstable products such as newspapers. In contrast to the conventional sorting devices with pushers, incorrect sorting through the product “overflowing” is impossible with the SSL-001 stations.

The SSL-001 sorting station is equipped with a double ejection system. In contrast to the conventional sorting devices where the stroke cylinder returns to its starting position after having ejected a product, with the SSL-001 the pushing cylinder remains in its current position and “waits” for the next switching signal, only returning to its original position with the next ejection. Avoiding this “empty stroke” increases the sorting speed by up to 100%.


  • Reliable sorting, even with extremely flat products
  • Double ejection for particularly fast sorting sequences
  • Multiple sorting, expandable up to 32 products
  • Ideally suited for product classification
  • Integrated maintenance unit for pneumatic connection
  • Aluminium profile frame for flexible adaptation

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