Automated Check Weighers

The automated check weighers from AutoMatic are designed for the completeness checking with GOOD/BAD sorting and have been impressing customers for years in many different industries. When dealing with small products (bags, cartons, small boxes, etc.) the selection of an automated check weigher from AutoMatic is the right choice. The check weigher LEICA with a PLC based control system and a small 4-line display is optimised for integration into an automated process immediately downstream of a manufacturing machine (e.g. an injection moulding machine) with data exchange. With manual work stations, the operating personnel are ideally supported by the CISCA check weigher whereby the colour display shows all of the necessary data with visual support through bar graphs and large display of the weight values, as well as an intuitive

user interface facilitating the necessary entries with only a few button presses. LEICA and CISCA are available as tabletop devices or as stand-alone versions. A signal and data exchange via digital signals or a network is likewise possible, as is the connection of label printers or similar.

For particularly small products with very low weights in the mg range, we do not use the expensive, so-called shunt-free cable transitions for the electrical drive of the conveyor belt in the load cells but rather avoid a cable connection completely during the measurement with special technology. This allows a weight measurement accuracy of +/-1mg and better to be achieved.


The LEICA weigh checking system is specialised for integration into automated quality and manufacturing processes.


The CISCA weight checking system enables individual incorporation into specific quality and manufacturing processes thanks to its integration capabilities. CISCA is specialised for the manual feeding of the products to manual processing stations or for integration into fully automatic manufacturing machines.

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