For the quality control and quality assurance of your products we offer systems that inspect the product features with various different detectors and enable comprehensive investigations and classifications. Devices and systems for measuring, controlling and regulation are all part of our typical scope of delivery. The possibilities to integrate our systems into higher level control systems and the data exchange via standard networks are all par for the course for us. For example, have a look at our “MISCHA” and “CORA” products in the press wholesaler / returns / merchandise management sector, the only systems in the world for this application area where even minor fault messages (e.g. a CD/DVD being missing in a magazine) are traced back to source and corresponding sorting is undertaken. Or with our automated check weighers “LEICA” and “CISCA” you can find our unique measurement process that can exclude the influence of a motor cable during the weighing process, avoids a cost-intensive force shunt free current transfer and yet still achieves the accuracy of a laboratory weighing system. Let us inspire and impress you with the possibilities of our solutions in the individual industries. If the solution to your requirements is not shown here then we are always happy to hear from you personally and look forward to addressing the challenges of your particular situation. We guarantee that we can develop an optimum solution together with you. Take us at our word.
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