Made-to-measure weighing

The individual weight of a product can provide a crucial insight into the quality of the product and the filling process. We offer suitable check weighers for this completeness check and also for the compliance with the legal provisions. waegen

The dynamic check weighers are primarily employed for the 100% checking within a production line. We can deliver the optimised design for the different requirements such as e.g. calibration capability, stainless steel, acid resistance, multi-line operation, regulation of the filling machine etc.

We can offer you our fully automated check weigher for high precision requirements (from +/-1mg) with a favourable price/performance ratio.

Also with manual weighing processes, we will not leave you on your own and can support you with a selection of static weighing stations and the use of suitable software applications.

The check weighers can be integrated into higher-level control systems via diverse interfaces and can serve for centralised data acquisition.

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