With the automated processing of returns, small products (pens, small toys, small bags, etc.) which are unable to be transported or which are only partially able to be transported, must be counted manually. Aside from human errors in counting, this process is very time-intensive. This type of process is not particularly well liked by operating personnel, especially where performance-related pay systems are in place.

Product description

The use of the EVA system provides just the right assistance here. EVA determines the number of units of these types of products with a check weigher, quickly, precisely and without errors. In addition, the products are fed into a specially designed catchment bowl and after the measurement/counting process are automatically discharged onto a conveyor belt or into a container. With EVA, the complete counting

process is completed within max. 2 seconds, thus saving costly working time. As a stand-alone system, EVA is equipped with a screen and a scanner to identify the articles and the customer/debtor. As an ADD-ON to the returns management family of systems, EVA communicates directly with the system partner and the data is displayed on the partner’s screen.

Overview and technical data

  • No pre-sorting of objects necessary
  • Document-related acquisition and customer-related counting
  • Reference quantity checking with automatic comparison of the object checking
  • Automatic customer change with available customer codes
  • Simultaneous identification of all current barcodes
  • Match-code search function (name, number, price)
  • Real-time statistics functions
  • Internal logic for early and/or late returns
  • Manual corrective bookings possible
  • Automatic generation of German or CCG codes
  • Support for daily returns collection
  • Correction of barcodes possible
  • Remote maintenance
  • Independent database for offline operation
  • Selectable acoustic signals for definable events
  • History window for acquired objects
  • Dynamic customer-related totals display
  • Object quantity checking
  • Automatic generation of a list of manually modified object data
  • Further transportation technology
  • UPS to protect the system in the event of a mains power failure
  • Guidance in application-specific technical and design areas
  • Project planning and project support
  • Installation and commissioning – worldwide


  • Reliable detection of all objects by use of multi-directional scanner
  • Precision weighing technology for determining the correct number of items
  • Offline operation through independent database
  • Remote maintenance through remote control function
  • Version for tablet PC available
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