AutoMatic Highlights

  • Founded in Hildesheim, Germany
  • Analysis software
    • Statistics programs
    • Monitoring/control network
    • In accordance with official verification regulations
  • Delivery of the first check weighing machines for parcel services
  • Europe-wide approval for official verification-capable check weighing machines (mainly used in the foodstuffs industry) at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology
  • Expansion with volume measurement for parcel services
  • Check weighing machines for
    • Leading drinks filling machines manufacturers
    • Foodstuffs
    • Chemicals
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sorting units
    • Pushers, blowing nozzles, flaps
  • International representatives in Holland and Austria
  • Delivery of line separators
  • ‘ALINE’ process control system with network for check weighing machines and packing robots
  • Development of the Presse-Grosso application ‘MISCHA’
  • 5 Grosso pilot projects in Germany
  • Relocation to Hanover, Germany
  • Expansion of project management for customer-specific solutions
  • Expansion in logistics department
    • Transport
    • Remission
    • Order picking
  • Properties inspection
    • Image processing
  • Additional areas
    • Logistics services companies
    • Cosmetics
  • Implementation of automation of complete processes
  • Grosso applications in B, D, DK, E, NL, P
  • Analysis and prognosis tools for Presse-Grosso applications
  • Maintenance of 25 check weighing machines in total (partially from 1994) in Thailand and Korea
  • 2001
    • Application ‘LISA’ for Beiersdorf AG (OCR technology properties detection, classification and sorting of cosmetics articles)
    • Line consolidation
    • Commissioning of 5 check weighing machines and process integration at DB Breweries, New Zealand
    • Commissioning of 3 check weighing machines and process integration at Malteria Quilmes brewery, Argentina
    • Customer-specific Presse-Grosso application in France
    • Opening of ‘AutoMatic Logistic Systems’, Belgium
    • Expansion of ‘LISA’ for processing the complete process
    • Partnership as systems provider together with Sartorius AG; expansion of product range (stat. weighing machines)
    • ‘LEICA’, a check weighing machine for small-scale checking applications
    • Expansion of product development
    • Expansion of product range to include handling automation; project ‘Danone’
    • Double-track applications in Presse-Grosso area in France and Belgium
    • Certified Solution Partner with Sartorius AG, Göttingen, Germany
    • Service hotline for products by Sartorius GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
    • Dosing systems for Finzelberg Co. (vegetable extracts for the pharmaceutics industry with integration into higher-level process controls and communication via TCP/IP
    • Provision of check weighing machines and manual work areas to Essex Co
    • Dosing system for Topell Co. for mg-exact dosing of grinding powders
    • Non-contact weighing via LEICA for achievement of precision < +/- 10 mg at Playmobil Co
    • Dosing system in Exx-Zone 1 at Honeywell Co
    • Optimisation of goods received and dispatched monitoring with static weighing machines and customer-specific mapping of the process for Elastogran Co. including networking and analysis software for office PCs
    • Weighing and classification of small-calibre cartridges at a precision of +/- 2 mg including strict conditions with regard to handling of explosives
    • Project together with the University of Hanover for 40 initial measuring stations (expanded later to 160 measuring stations) for determining loss of moisture in useful plants
    • Europe-wide approval of an innovative check weighing machine for transport subject to official verification at NMI in Holland
    • Provision of check weighing machines and sorting units featuring increased resistance standards due to an acidic environment to Johnson Controls for the production of automobile batteries
    • Provision of check weighing machines and sorting units featuring increased resistance standards due to an acidic environment to a second Johnson Controls location. Thanks to positive experience, a significant expansion of the initial order was implemented at this location.
    • Final monitoring systems for Austria’s largest fruit juice and energy drinks producers
    • Quality control projects for wine and bird feed filling companies and logistics services companies
    • Additional project for automobile battery quality control at Johnson Controls
    • Upgrade and modernisation of check weighing machines to the state of the art at new Zealand’s largest brewery
    • Check weighing machines for quality controls of manually assembled articles for a supplier to the automobile industry
    • Integration of a check weighing machine with a process line and connection with ProfiNet communication at a manufacturer of ultra-clean infusion solutions
    Current projects:
    • Provision of 20 official verification-capable dynamic check weighing machines, networking via TCP/IP (OPC communication) and integration with the process control system via Ethernet to a European candy producer
    • Provision of 3 dosing/recipe systems including hoisting systems for containers up to 2t to a paint producer
    • Production lot weighing system featuring increased identification, production lot traceability , and password management standards for a pharmaceutics producer
    • Barrel weighing for a private brewery
    • Parallel silo weighing of multiple separately standing silos via TCP/IP via analysis software on the PCs of a foodstuffs manufacturer
    • Automation of a repacking process at Unilever
    • Storage logistics at a large courier services company
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